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29 Nov 2022

Companies, the main actors for decarbonization: A model to accelerate social change

The gap between aspiration and action on sustainable consumption persists in part because consumers do not have enough accessible and affordable climate-friendly options. Many companies are waiting for a clear demand signal. Businesses are key players for decarbonization by presenting a model for accelerating social change. [...]

August 17, 2022

3D printing: a green technology for a more sustainable industry?

How does 3D printing contribute to a more environmentally friendly industrial world? Human activities have an impact on our environment. Industry is one of those activities that sometimes pollute too much. Producing too much or too badly implies unnecessary energy expenditure, waste, overexploitation of natural resources or a heavy carbon footprint due to the transport of materials.

The advantages of 3D printing over machining and plastic injection
26 Jul 2022

The advantages of 3D printing over machining and plastic injection

3D printing: comparison with machining and plastic injection What are the advantages of 3D printing compared to machining and plastic injection? To better understand why 3D printing is today an unavoidable industrial production method, and even more advantageous for your company (and for the planet), we are going to compare it with two other classic solutions [...]

20 Jul 2022

"3D printing doesn't fit into my existing production systems or industry": a common misconception to combat

3D printing is easily incorporated into my company's existing manufacturing capabilities According to a study by OnePoll, 76% of companies use 3D printing in their production process. A trend that is expected to accelerate in the wake of the health crisis. So if you think that industrial manufacturing is not compatible with [...]

3D printing - how it works
12 Jul 2022

3D printing: how does it work in 3 key steps?

The 3 steps to understand concretely how 3D printing works. Everyone knows 2D printing. It's what we use when we have to print our documents. But how does 3D printing work? You have probably already heard about it, but do you know how it works concretely? How can we print in volume? How can we use it to manufacture our products?

17 Mar 2022

How can 3D printing and Cloud Manufacturing transform the industrial world of tomorrow?

Moving towards a more sustainable industry with Cloud Manufacturing and 3D printing We know what 3D printing is at Beelse. It is a production method in its own right that we want to make available to all those who wish to manufacture parts in series. The advantages of industrial 3D production [...]

3 Mar 2022

Repairability Index|How can manufacturers sustainably participate in change?

77% of European citizens would rather repair their goods than buy new ones. While consumers are increasingly aware of their impact on the environment, only 40% of their electronic and household appliances that break down are repaired in 2020. This is far too little. And that's also what [...]

20 August 2021

Made in France with Beelse

The global pandemic has challenged global value chains. Indeed, the drastic containment measures decided upon by the major industrial powers have caused a sudden halt in the exchange of goods on a global scale.

28 Jul 2021

Circular economy | 7 key points to understand

For thousands of years, our environment has been affected by the consequences of human activity on earth. Indeed, the first pollution appeared about 11,000 years ago, with the accumulation of large quantities of waste on the land. In the 19th century, this phenomenon became more widespread with the development of chemistry and industry, which led to a strong accumulation of toxic elements in the atmosphere.