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Industrial 3D printing
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Build the future of your business with a production on demand and local

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The manufacturing transition starts here!

Because the world is changing, Beelse is committed to the manufacturing transition.

Pandemics, conflicts, climate change impact our habits.

This is why the production methods most used today will not be those of tomorrow.

BCM revolutionizes traditional production and enables collaborative production on an international scale.

This technology is easy to use, in line with the economic, societal and environmental challenges facing companies.

Creating my digital room
Validation of its digital twin
Manufacturing on demand

Case studies

your manufacturing transition, with BCM

Whatever your field of activity and your state of progress, BCM enables you to produce your serial parts and your spare parts in metal and plastic.

Service and Retail

Find out how BCM brings flexibility, profitability to the equipment manufacturer in the BtoB sector

Industrial maintenance

The use of BCM in the maintenance of production lines provides operational comfort and improves the overall efficiency rate

Industry 4.0

We took a look at the digital solutions available to modernise companies as they move towards the industry of the future

Supply chain 4.0

Here you can find the trends in the digitalisation of the supply chain

Industrial production

Produce your industrial parts
without delay or time limit

Customers Beelse

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BCM has been developed so that every company, regardless of its size, market and state of digitalisation, can easily have access to flexible and cost-effective production power.

"In some cases, we have reduced the price of our parts by a factor of 10 and improved their delivery time by 30 days."
Guerric Rojon | Maintenance Manager

"BCM allows us to structure our supply chain for our serial parts."
B. Ménard | Industrial Director

Tomorrow's industry starts with Beelse

Using BCM means anticipating the future.

Prepare your company for future environmental regulations with our intelligent platform Cloud Manufacturing . Numerous companies, SMEs and large groups already trust us.

Working with Beelse means collaborating with an innovative company, pioneer and recognised by the manufacturing world and the press.

But above all, it means becoming a positive agent of change .

Beelse wants to put the power back in the hands of manufacturers by offering them control over their production from A to Z. But not only that.

The aim of Beelse is to accompany you in the changing world of industry. To help you meet the challenges posed (and increasingly will be posed) by social, economic and environmental issues.

Together we can build a sustainable world through industry.

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BCM - industry 4.0

Access immediate production power

Beelse Cloud Manufacturing gives you access to enormous production power. Our platform offers you the possibility to be flexible and very responsive. You can :

  • configure your production capacities in real time;
  • Make the parts you want, when you want. Whether you want to test them or put them directly on the market;
  • produce on demand and as close as possible to the need in all simplicity;
  • be consistent with today's economic, social and environmental challenges.
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Switch to digital parts inventory

The Cloud Manufacturing gives your company a considerable advantage: immense financial and logistical flexibility. You have a single, digital location to store all your parts. This approach gives you a great deal of autonomy in obtaining your spare parts and production parts.

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Choose the formula BCM adapted to your organisation

Beelse Cloud Manufacturing adapts to each company, whatever its stage of development and production challenges. With BCM you have access to an international production power in all simplicity to enable you to organise the supply of your spare parts and series parts anywhere in the world.

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Already1 500 000manufactured spare parts

They talk about us

The start-up has developed a software solution from cloud manufacturing in SaaS mode that can be easily used by all manufacturers, particularly with the aim of dematerialising their stocks.

Le Point

Beelse has developed a cloud platform (BCM) which, when connected to a network of addictive manufacturing partners, aims to reorient the production of the manufacturing industry towards the 4.0 production of spare parts in a short time and close to the need.

The Tribune

Beelse is a French startup that helps companies integrate additive manufacturing into their production processes. Convinced that this technology is already disrupting industrial processes, it has created a technological platform that will lead all types of companies towards Industry 4.0



All the answers to your questions about BCM

What is Cloud Manufacturing ?

The cloud manufacturing is a grouping of technologies that enable immediate production, on demand and as close as possible to the need. We are talking about software technologies, algorithms, deep learning and also additive manufacturing, more generally called industrial 3D printing.

Beelse How does Cloud Manufacturing work (BCM)?

All you need is a web browser and the 3D model of one of your parts to access unlimited production power. When faced with your production needs, BCM finds the production resources available in real time and capable of producing your parts to specification.

What is the price of BCM ?

You can access BCM for free and only pay the cost of producing your part. It is also possible to have additional functionalities that are accessible by subscription and that give you access to different uses that can bring you new sources of income for example.

How does cloud manufacturing provide a response to a company's economic challenges?

cloud manufacturing is a new production component that brings flexibility and responsiveness to the companies involved. For example, it reduces inventory and related costs, while improving production responsiveness and customer satisfaction.

It also reduces the production time of spare parts, which can now be produced individually or in small series, anywhere in the world. This is made possible by industrial 3D printing and a software solution capable of guaranteeing the isoquality and availability of all your spare parts for life.

How does cloud manufacturing address environmental issues?

The cloud manufacturing offers the possibility to digitally store a spare part with a production on demand. This means that there is no overproduction of spare parts. The dimension of production as close as possible to the place of use reduces the logistical flows and therefore the carbon impact of companies.

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At beelse we are building the world of immediate manufacturing

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