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Revolutionize your industry
with Industrial 3D printing

Harness the Potential of Digital Twins for local, efficient on-demand production

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Revolutionize Your Industrial Production with BCM

Discover Beelse Cloud Manufacturing (BCM), the innovation that is transforming industrial manufacturing.

This technology makes it possible to create, store and produce the digital twin of your parts on demand, wherever and whenever you want.

Harness the power of additive manufacturing with BCM to minimize unused inventory, reduce overproduction and optimize your production processes.

Our system offers unlimited supply and promotes reparability, while significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Creating my digital room
Validation of its digital twin
On-demand and local manufacturing

Case studies

your manufacturing transition, with BCM

Whatever your field of activity and your state of progress, BCM enables you to produce your serial parts and your spare parts in metal and plastic.

Service and Retail

Explore how Beelse Cloud Manufacturing offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness to equipment manufacturers requiring responsive and efficient after-sales service, and to distributors looking to optimize their after-sales service performance.

Industrial maintenance

The deployment of Beelse Cloud Manufacturing (BCM) for production line maintenance offers a significant improvement in operational comfort and optimization of overall efficiency.

Industry 4.0

We took a look at the digital solutions available to modernise companies as they move towards the industry of the future

Supply chain 4.0

Here you can find the trends in the digitalisation of the supply chain

Industrial production

Produce your industrial parts
without delay or time limit

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Whatever the size of your company, your industry or your stage in the digitalization process, BCM has been designed with you in mind. Our aim? To provide you with easy access to flexible, cost-effective production capacity. Join the BCM movement and revolutionize your production process.

"In some cases, we have reduced the price of our parts by a factor of 10 and improved their delivery time by 30 days."
Guerric Rojon | Maintenance Manager

"BCM allows us to structure our supply chain for our serial parts."
B. Ménard | Industrial Director

Adopt BCM and Prepare for the Future

Prepare your company for future environmental regulations with BCM, our intelligent platform from Cloud Manufacturing. Whether you're an SME or a large corporation, BCM is the solution of choice, already adopted by many companies.

Choosing Beelse means choosing an innovative company, a pioneer in the field of Cloud Manufacturing, recognized by the industry and the media.

But more than that, it's a commitment to positive change.

Join us in shaping a sustainable industrial future.

Beelse s mission is to put manufacturers back in control, enabling you to manage your production from start to finish. But our vision goes beyond that.

We are committed to guiding you through the transformation of the industry. We're here to help you meet current and future social, economic and environmental challenges.

With Beelse, together we can shape a sustainable industrial future. Reinvent your production with us and contribute to a more sustainable world.

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My digital stock
BCM - industry 4.0

Take Action: Access Instant Production Power

With Beelse Cloud Manufacturing , you have immediate access to unrivalled production power. Our platform gives you the flexibility and responsiveness you need to stand out from the crowd.
With Beelse, you can :

  • Adjust your production capacities in real time to meet changing demands;
  • Manufacture as many parts as you wish, whether for testing or for direct marketing;
  • Produce on demand and as close as possible to the place of use with disconcerting ease;
  • Align your production with current and future economic, social and environmental challenges.

Don't delay, join Beelse and transform your production process.

Access BCM for free

Transform your inventory: opt for Digital Parts Storage

Cloud Manufacturing offers your company a major advantage: unprecedented financial and logistical flexibility.

With BCM, you benefit from a single digital space to store the digital twins of all your pieces.

This approach gives you considerable autonomy to produce your spare parts and production parts on demand.

Adapt your production to your needs, reduce storage costs and improve the efficiency of your production line with Beelse Cloud Manufacturing .

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Choose BCM : Production tailored to your needs and those of your customers

Beelse Cloud Manufacturing adapts to every company, regardless of its stage of development and production challenges.

With BCM, you have access to global production power, simplifying the organization of your spare parts and production parts supply worldwide.

Whether you rely on in-house additive manufacturing resources or opt for outsourcing, BCM enables you to produce on demand, adapting your production to changing market requirements.

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Already1 500 000manufactured spare parts

They talk about us

The start-up has developed a software solution from cloud manufacturing in SaaS mode that can be easily used by all manufacturers, particularly with the aim of dematerialising their stocks.

Le Point

Beelse has developed a cloud platform (BCM) which, once connected to a network of partners from the additive manufacturing industry, aims to reorient the production of the manufacturing industry towards the 4.0 production of spare parts in short time and close to the need.

The Tribune

Beelse is a French startup that helps companies integrate additive manufacturing into their production processes. Convinced that this technology is already disrupting industrial processes, it has created a technological platform that will lead all types of companies towards Industry 4.0



Find answers to frequently asked questions on BCM

What is Cloud Manufacturing ?

Cloud Manufacturing is a fusion of technologies and production tools designed to enable immediate, on-demand production as close as possible to the point of use. These include software technologies, algorithms, deep learning and additive manufacturing, commonly known as industrial 3D printing.

How does BCM work, the Cloud Manufacturing of Beelse ?

With a simple web browser and a 3D model of your part, you can access unlimited production capacity at BCM. Based on your production needs, BCM locates in real time the available production resources that are capable of producing your parts to your specifications.

How much does it cost to use BCM ?

Access to BCM is free, and you are only charged for the production of your specific parts. On top of this, we offer additional features on a subscription basis, giving you access to a diverse range of services that can generate new revenue streams for your company.

How does cloud manufacturing provide a response to a company's economic challenges?

cloud manufacturing is not just a new trend, it's a revolution that's injecting agility and flexibility into the business world. Imagine being able to reduce your storage and related costs, while improving your production response time and keeping your customers satisfied. That's exactly what cloud manufacturing enables.

And that's not all: your spare parts production times are also reduced. You can now produce a single part or a small series, anywhere on the planet. How is this possible? Thanks to the innovation of industrial 3D printing and high-performance software that guarantees consistent quality and availability of your spare parts throughout their life cycle.

Basically, cloud manufacturing gives you a competitive edge by helping you to adapt quickly to market changes, reduce costs, and guarantee customer satisfaction. It's like having your own tailor-made factory, available 24/7 and anywhere in the world. It's a real boon for your business.

How does cloud manufacturing address environmental issues?

cloud manufacturing, or cloud computing, is like a superhero for our planet. In what way? Well, it's helping us to be greener and cleaner in the way we produce.

Firstly, cloud manufacturing enables us to digitally store parts and produce them only when they are needed. Gone are the days of huge stocks of spare parts gathering dust and mountains of production waste. We only produce what we use, and that's good for the environment.

Then, with cloud manufacturing, we manufacture close to where we need them. That means fewer trucks, trains or planes to transport our parts around the world. Less transport means less CO2 in the air and a smaller impact on the climate.

And as an added bonus, 3D printing is often used at cloud manufacturing, which means just the right amount of material can be used to manufacture a part. Result: less wasted materials.

So, to sum up, cloud manufacturing is our ally for more planet-friendly production, in line with a sustainable, circular economy.

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