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Our mission at Beelse is to help industry worldwide make the transition to the Cloud Manufacturing era.

Faced with environmental imperatives, we need to rethink the way we live, consume and produce.

At Beelse, we are convinced that a collaborative, cooperative and supportive world, where creativity can express itself through environmentally-friendly production, is a source of joy and personal fulfillment.

It is with this conviction that we have decided to contribute to a sustainable industrial renaissance, by offering simplified access to technology and collaboration.

This is how Beelse Cloud Manufacturing (BCM) came into being, a solution that is revolutionizing industrial production.

Our story



Our vision at Beelse is to simplify and democratize access to on-demand additive manufacturing for all.


Create Beelse Cloud Manufacturing in Global Network configuration

Our commitment at Beelse is to help our customers succeed with intuitive, high-performance software solutions.


BCM Global Network launched

BCM Global Network is widely appreciated, and we are increasing the size of our teams to accelerate our growth in France. We have set up an active R&D program and are starting to deploy BCM with our first industrial partners.


Development of BCM Private Network and BCM White Label

Feedback from the market has helped us to refine BCM and refine our value proposition. We are now firmly focused on the goal of "Simplified, instant and profitable production from digital inventory".


We're currently writing it together


Yannick Marion

Yannick Marion

Chief executive officer

Clément Chabert

Chief technology officer

Our team

Board Beelse

Bernard Louvet

Christian Barqui

Jean-Michel Bérard

Pascal Bourguet

Martine Collonge

Vincent Marella

Our difference

Our values,
our difference

Love. We are rooted in the essentials to move forward together.
Simple. We work to make the difficult easy.
Bold. We are changing the industry, we are changing the world.

InspiringWe are the revival of the manufacturing world.
VisionariesOur imagination opens up new horizons.
Enthusiasts so that everyone can be the successful entrepreneur of their own life.

We are the innovative partner to realise your creativity. We are Beelse.

Make it be.

The collaboration
to help
in all simplicity
At beelse we are building the world of immediate manufacturing

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