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The new superpower of the sustainable industry

BCM (Beelse Cloud Manufacturing ) was designed to simplify industry and access to industrialization through technology and collaboration.

Designed to be ergonomic, intuitive and a vector of performance for companies, BCM makes production on demand immediate.

It offers companies the opportunity to be consistent with their economic, social and environmental challenges.

Go to cloud manufacturing with BCM

BCM is the essential tool for companies that are going digital to be efficient and respectful of nature.

Accessible from your web browser, BCM gives you access to a new era of production. 

Its innovative and collaborative approach allows you to make your stocks digital. Gain in efficiency by manufacturing your parts on shared production means present in your company and/or outsourced.

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The main features


Have a digital warehouse

With BCM, you have a secure digital warehouse where the DNA of your parts is stored. Each DNA allows you to have a quality part in accordance with its specifications, regardless of the place of production.

Every piece you integrate is now available for life. 

From this digital warehouse, you can authorize your information systems (ERP, CMMS, etc...) to automatically launch production orders. 

You can also share your parts while keeping control of your intellectual property. 


Industrialize a part in 3D printing

BCM has a decision support feature that allows you to be guided in the choice of technologies and materials to use.

Based on advanced algorithms, this feature helps you to create the DNA of your pieces on a daily basis.

Whether you are an expert or not, you have a tool that makes your life easier and saves you time.


Mark your parts at each production

Industrializing a part also means implementing a tracking and traceability system.

Whether it is for quality management or to secure your parts, BCM allows you to mark your parts with ease.

Its patented system automatically increments the serial number of your parts.

Thus, each piece that is produced from BCM is numbered and traced.


Share your parts

The cloud manufacturing opens many opportunities for companies.

One of the main opportunities lies in the collaborative aspects that this production system offers.

With BCM, you can share your parts between services, with your partners or with your customers while keeping the control of the intellectual property.

Therefore, it is possible to set up new business models based on the use of your industrial property.

All about BCM


You work in the industry and today you do not have the necessary autonomy for the supply of your spare parts. Beelse Cloud Manufacturing connects a whole network of production means distributed in the world to produce in a simple and immediate way all or part of the parts necessary for your current and future needs.


Inventory reduction is one of the major challenges facing companies.
With Beelse Cloud Manufacturing you can manage and produce every digitally stored part in your warehouse in additive manufacturing.


The organisation of world production as we know it today is organised to mass produce in one place, store in another and then consume and sometimes destroy if not used.
The production of spare parts in controlled quantities and as close to the need as possible is a major concern in the manufacturing industry.
New technologies now offer almost infinite opportunities to optimise production processes for localised production.
Beelse Cloud Manufacturing allows you to easily integrate all the power of a 4.0 production and relies on a network of industrial production machines in additive manufacturing.
BCM has been designed to provide access to simple, flexible and immediately profitable production.


"In some cases, we have reduced the price of our parts by a factor of 10 and improved their delivery time by 30 days."
Guerric Rojon | Maintenance Manager

"BCM allows us to structure our supply chain for our serial parts."
B. Ménard | Industrial Director

At beelse we are building the world of immediate manufacturing

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