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BCM Your superpower for sustainable industry

BCM (Beelse Cloud Manufacturing ) is your solution for simplified industrialization, made accessible through technology and collaboration.

Designed to be ergonomic, intuitive and a true performance catalyst for companies, BCM enables instant on-demand production.

With BCM, align your business with your economic, social and environmental challenges. Choose BCM and make sustainability a major asset in your production process.

Adopt Cloud Manufacturing with BCM

BCM is the essential tool for companies that are going digital to optimize their performance while respecting the environment.

Accessible directly from your web browser, BCM opens the doors to a new era of production. 

Our innovative, collaborative methodology enables you to digitalize your inventories, thus increasing your efficiency. Benefit from the advantage of manufacturing your parts using shared production resources, whether in-house or outsourced.

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The main features


Take advantage of a Secure Digital Warehouse with BCM

With BCM, you have access to a secure digital warehouse where the DNA of your parts is preserved. A part's DNA includes all the exhaustive information required for iso-quality production, guaranteeing consistent conformity of your parts over time, wherever they are produced.

With every part you integrate, you benefit from a lifetime of availability.

From this digital warehouse, you can enable your information systems (ERP, CMMS, etc.) to automatically launch production orders. 

You can also share your parts while retaining control of your intellectual property.


Industrialize a Part using 3D Printing with BCM

BCM offers a decision-support feature that guides you in your choice of technologies and materials.

Based on sophisticated algorithms, this feature helps you to create the DNA of your parts on a daily basis, providing all the exhaustive information you need for iso-quality production.

Whether you're an expert in 3D printing or not, you benefit from a tool that simplifies your tasks and saves you time.


Mark your Coins for each Production with BCM

Industrializing a part also means implementing a tracking and traceability system. Whether for quality management or to secure your parts, BCM offers a solution to mark your parts with ease.

Thanks to its patented system, the serial number of your parts is automatically incremented.

Every part produced via BCM is numbered and traceable, ensuring complete transparency and accountability.


Share your Parts Safely with Cloud Manufacturing . BCM

The cloud manufacturing website offers numerous opportunities for companies. One of the most significant is the potential for collaboration offered by this production system.

With BCM, you can share your parts between different departments, with your partners or even with your customers, while retaining control over your intellectual property.

In this way, you can establish new business models based on the use of your industrial property.

All about BCM


You operate in the industrial sector and currently lack autonomy when it comes to managing your spare parts. The Beelse Cloud Manufacturing solution comes to the rescue by connecting a global network of production resources. This interconnection enables you to produce all the parts you need, both now and in the future, simply and instantly. It's an efficient solution that boosts your flexibility in terms of production and spare parts management.


Minimizing inventory is a crucial challenge for modern companies. With the Beelse Cloud Manufacturing solution, you have the ability to manage and produce every part using additive manufacturing, with these parts stored digitally in your warehouse.

Optimize your inventory management with Beelse Cloud Manufacturing 's advanced digital approach.


Traditional global production is usually set up to mass-produce in one place, store elsewhere, then consume - sometimes even destroying if the use is not realized. The manufacturing industry strives to produce spare parts in controlled quantities, as close as possible to actual need. Thanks to technological advances, we now have countless opportunities to optimize production processes in favor of localized manufacturing.

The Beelse Cloud Manufacturing (BCM) solution offers you easy integration of all the power of 4.0 production.

Backed by a network of industrial machines dedicated to additive manufacturing, BCM is designed to provide access to simple, flexible, and immediately profitable production. Feel the true impact of Industry 4.0 with Beelse Cloud Manufacturing


"In some cases, we have reduced the price of our parts by a factor of 10 and improved their delivery time by 30 days."
Guerric Rojon | Maintenance Manager

"BCM allows us to structure our supply chain for our serial parts."
B. Ménard | Industrial Director

At beelse we are building the world of immediate manufacturing

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