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With BCM,
Production has never been so simple.

  • The tailor-made production system for every company
  • The World's Most Economical Production System
  • The most collaborative production system on the market
  • The most flexible production system you'll ever find

Free features

Free features

Number of parts saved
Decision-making aid for choosing materials
Access to industrial 3D printing services
Production monitoring
Automated order management
Production monitoring
Part repeatability assurance
Storage of ancillary documents
Parts organization in BCM
Sharing parts between digital warehouses
Automatic serial number

Our offers by profession

Discover our Offers by trade

BCM allows you to manufacture parts on demand thanks to collaborative and connected production resources located as close as possible to the place of use. All this, without investment!

BCM Premium


<small class="">à partir de</small>

190 € EXCL. TAX/

BCM gives you autonomy over the supply of your maintenance parts which are now stored in your digital warehouse. You manage your spare parts in a simple way with on-demand production.

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BCM Premium

After-sales / Retail

<small class="">à partir de</small>

250 € EXCL. TAX/

BCM to ensure the quality and availability of all your spare parts over time to meet your after-sales service challenges. You have the possibility to delegate the production of spare parts to your partners and to be paid for each production.

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BCM Premium


<small class="">à partir de</small>

315 € EXCL. TAX/

BCM allows you to control your production processes, from prototyping to mass production, on a single platform, worldwide. BCMguaranteed for life, Isoquality and the availability of all spare parts integrated in a secure digital warehouse. Finally, it also makes it possible to relocate production so that spare parts are manufactured as close as possible to the place of use, favouring local production and anticipating environmental obligations.

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Our services

Our services accompanying

Find out how the BCM production system can accelerate your growth by offering you a new way of producing.


Design your rooms with
industrial designers Beelse

  • CAD design
  • Topological improvement
  • Redesign


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Structuring your project
with a specialist Beelse

  • Personalized support
  • Accelerated implementation
  • Success Story


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Adapt BCM to
your activity

  • Tailor-made features
  • Integration into your IS
  • A dedicated BCM expert


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At beelse we are building the world of immediate manufacturing

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